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Comprehensive tenancy screening made easy

  • Identity verification
  • Tenant blacklist screening
  • Bankruptcy & court record check
  • ASIC company directorship check
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National Tenancy Database comprehensive tenancy screening service

Features & benefits

National Tenancy Database from Equifax can help you evaluate tenancy applications quickly and easily.

We provide the most comprehensive tenancy screening service on the market – driven by market leading business intelligence data from Equifax.

Tenant Check

Providing tenant blacklist screening, rental history, bankruptcy information, court judgments and court writs

Identity Verification (protecting you from identity fraud)

Validates the identity of tenancy applicants using the market leading identity verification solution from Equifax

ASIC & Company Credit Check

Get the complete picture by checking your applicant’s commercial history using ASIC company data and Equifax commercial credit bureau

Credit Score on Directors & Commercial Entities

Combine ASIC details with company/director credit file information from Equifax to provide a company risk score

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Why use NTD?

Make informed decisions and find quality tenants using Australia's most comprehensive tenancy database.

1 in 4 Australians have fallen victim to identity theft. Ensure your tenants are who they say they are. 

Approximately 30,000 Australians are declared bankrupt every year. Check a tenant is not a potential financial risk.

More than 5 million temporary visas are issued to foreign citizens each year. 

More than 127,000 cases are heard before tenancy tribunals each year. Save the time and hassle of going before a tribunal.

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